Web Development

Faith Baptist Church (Sarasota, FL) – HTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, AJAX, Adobe Business Catalyst

  • Development techniques worth noting
    • JavaScript hacking to change pieces of Business Catalyst due to no back-end access
      • Default Date formatting on posts
      • Query strings to load different videos into Learn page via AJAX
    • Basic jQuery slider on homepage
    • Custom content swapper for Books with descriptions on Faith Recommends page
    • Custom content tabs and scrolling to content section on page load (Staff page)

Olympia Pools & Spas – HTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, WordPress

  • Development techniques worth noting
    • Basic jQuery slider on homepage for hero images
    • jQuery tabs on Equipment pages

Tonal Metropolis – Photoshop Design, HTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery (static html)

  • Splash page for a social network geared toward musicians that never saw the light of day.
  • Development techniques worth noting
    • Designed 100% of the site in Photoshop
    • Used Spritely for cloud scrolling
    • Button on the top left hides main elements of the page with jQuery so the page can be viewed in full screen as a faux screen-saver.

Tagtical Laser Tag – HTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, JavelinCMS

  • Development techniques worth noting
    • Theme swapping, triggered by the “Choose Mood” area on the top right. I used several Image Sprites, one for all the colors of the logos, one for the D-Pad buttons on the bottom left part of the site, and one for the navigation underneath the logo.
    • Used jQuery/JavaScript to delay the loading of each navigation item on each page load, and have the D-Pad fly in.
    • On the D-Pad, there’s supposed to be little popup info tags that say what each button is, but they don’t appear to be working.

OKC Beautiful –  HTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, JavelinCMS

  • Development techniques worth noting
    • This one I added some JavaScript on line 535 of the home page that randomly changes the background on each page refresh. It just takes an array of the numbers 1-6 which correlates to 6 images named “background_” with the numbers 1-6 after the underscore, and uses whatever number it lands on to change the number of the background of which to set. Looking back at it, I definitely could have written it a lot more efficiently, but I was still really new to JavaScript at the time.

Brew Punch – HTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery (static html)

  • Development techniques worth noting
    • The main point of attention being the color and image swapping that happens when you click each flavor of the punch additive. Also just used some basic CSS transitions for colors of the nav background and text.

The Dali Museum (Mobile) – HTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, Backbone.js

  • Development techniques worth noting
    •  This is a Mobile-only site that runs on Backbone.js, and is just a basic brochure site for the Dali Museum in St Pete, FL. I did all the HTML and JavaScript, and a lot of the CSS on there as well. Lots of basic jQuery animations on nav items and stuff, there’s accordion style navigation on some parts too.

Vyooee (Jon Ross) – HTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, WordPress

  • Development techniques worth noting
    •  This site was done in WordPress, and was the first time I had done a Parallax effect, but it was only a basic one. When you scroll, the main images with the guy on them between the content sections move. Also made it so the navigation bar sticks at the top and changes backgrounds + changes the logo when it sticks.